I am the lucky mother of three children and wife to a loving supportive husband. I love learning about health and wellness and this area of study has been my hobby for many years.

I first experienced the benefits of foot zoning years ago when a friend of mine was learning the foot zone technique and wanted to practice on me. She helped me deal with sicknesses, chronic migraine headaches, and heavy depression. I learned first hand that the foot zone is much more than just a nice foot rub. In fact it can be quite painful at times when working through blocked signals. Whenever I had a physical or emotional issue that I needed help with I would call my friend for a foot zone. I was fascinated with the technique and knew I would one day want to learn it myself.

When the time was finally right for me to learn foot zoning, I studied with Katherine Atkinson at We Do Feet Seminars. I learned to master the foot zone technique and I also studied anatomy and physiology, herbal remedies, diet and nutrition, music therapy, chakra balancing, energy healing techniques, and essential oils. My life is dedicated to learning about all things relating to health and wellness and sharing that knowledge with others. It has become my passion to help myself and others find healing and balance in life!